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EGO Authentic

Posted by Sylia on

Excuse me, there are so many paparruchadas written, such ‘chatter’ ambiguous, which should be called, not courses of training but “deformation”. There are snake charmers, who live fooling many, and they live everywhere. They are so ‘asleep’ that they boast that they have moral and ethical. I reiterate, with the greatest respect, that whoever has not been able to even know by own experience the mechanical laws that govern it (managed by great Natural Law), it is very far from knowing that it is a genuine leader. I hope I understand, do not seek to argue, I apologize if anyone was offended, but must say. While remain subjected by these mechanical laws that us they govern, not can anyone be called a REAL leader, authentic.

That tells us? That is no freedom then how someone can boast of being a leader, being conditioned, when they don’t even know why is there exercising that function? you can take its deductions, will think that it is a elected sky, etc., etc. You don’t know will happen tomorrow, or in that will end his comedy. Affirm, the authentic leader, has direct connection with the intuitos that come from on high, need not be persuasive, influential, or have image, nor be a mobilizer of emotions, as their facts are which make attractive his message, don’t worry ever by power, because this is an innate conscience faculty, not longs to be the center of tableor move masses, knowing well that the inside knowledge, is only for intelligent rebels, able to DISSOLVE the EGO or I, or LEGION, with the Supreme divine force that carries within. The authentic leader knows the now, the before and the After mankind. You know feeling with the brain and thinking with the heart. He springs from this autonomous desire that comes from on high, giving himself, that decisive freedom which makes their actions on Moral Law, that is what they seek to achieve with our fifth managerial system of free initiative.