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Depending on the length of the cornice design solution may be much greater than the width of the window. Wide (long) cornice, whose boundaries are far in favor of the window to the side, visually expand the room. – If the window is a complex form, select the cornice to the form window. So, for arched windows, there are curved windows, radius can be chosen to form the window – in Some manufacturers have a range of curtains with different radii. You can wrap the cornice and on individual measures – such opportunities will provide you the eaves of the profile.

If a window bay, ideal – as a cornice broken line (method of fastening the cornice to the wall): the angles between the segments of such rods can be adjusted. – Curtain should be chosen, and depending on the severity of the curtains. If this light curtain, suitable hollow cornice. If this heavy curtains, it is better to choose a cornice with a reinforcing filler and desirable method of securing to choose "the ceiling". Accessories desirable that all the major accessories used to decorate curtains (Holders, grommets and etc.) were designed in one style or even included in one collection. Although, in the presence of taste, bans on design experiments not. Terminals raises the curtain on the ends. Most often sold together with the curtain, but sometimes separately. Can be as neutral as geometric shapes, and more unusual, in the form of grapes, precious stones, etc. The main thing is to match the tip design of the curtains.