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Child Tax Benefit

Posted by Sylia on

Then there was a strange, in my opinion, an embarrassment for Canada – we went after a young woman with a child forward line, she came over and asked the lady, who stood in front, would not she mind if we go forward. The lady mumbled something unintelligible (simply do not understand the question, I think) and stopped. Well, we and were ahead (always thought it was okay to go ahead with young children). Then the same lady says: Is there any reason, why you, guys, go ahead of all the line Strange kind of. Woman with child responds: Yeah, we are with little children, I told you. The lady says that, well, she too had once been small children, but she never walked on stage.

I immediately thought: "Well, you fool." In general, a woman with a child is responsible (we did not intervene until the residents even decided to remain silent): No problem, if you want, you can go ahead The lady refused, but then another three minutes standing and talking with others in the queue, it is never, never Well not shield children to go forward line. Maybe it is not accepted, I do not know, but stand in a queue of 200 people after 9-hour flight from child as a fact that, well, in general, it is wrong. Beyond the standard questions: traveling with a valuable thing? Then, any valuable things will come for you? ok, you pass. Then sent to the immigration counter, out into the room with small kyubiklami walls, where, in fact, and issue Landing. We came across a young officer friendly, which quickly and quietly with a smile, has issued our Landing, just asking the standard questions (how much money was taken, asked, but the show did not ask, perhaps because of the child, not to delay), explained that the pr card to come to the address again: Welcome to Canada! and direction of the next. Next stand for newcomers, where the issue booklets tell us where to turn for help and everything like that, next post, which has given shape to ohip, Child Tax Benefit, another useful Old. All packed into a cute bag with a maple leaf and put a pen with a similar theme.

In the third time we've heard: Welcome to Canada!, then exit to the baggage claim. Then immediately flew crowd porters, but we refused and went 10 yards up a system for trucks. The machine accepts bills 1,2,5,10 and U.S. dollars. My one-dollar notes he took, but five had eaten with gusto and even gave a passing Canadian coins on the course. After that took the cart and then laid on her own luggage. Then a small turn to the customs office where the same issues: not Does Canada bring in valuable items (furniture, jewelry, money, etc.) separately from the entry, or the next time. And yet, while behind closed doors in the hall greeted us were waiting for our friends. They are very helpful in everything, what could, and it is most moments. Himself would have been much more difficult. Especially with a small child. Further adventures of Ukrainians in Canada will supplement possible. In the next issue: rent an apartment, adaptation, etc