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Given that came down the assembly line railway is on our shelves in an average of 3 months, it is wiser to look at the models that produced at least six months (to the same and the price had come down). Do not neglect the Internet: it makes sense to look at the views of users thematic forums and guest books of computer companies. If you are interested in the model over and over again found the problem, it is a chance to think about. Equally alarming and the lack of reviews. In general, the experience of others – the best teacher.

Second Council – Choose a range that is suitable for the characteristics (performance, heat, noise, etc.) under the requirements of specific jobs. Most manufacturers, seeking to cover all market segments released a special family that are optimized for certain parameters at the expense of others. Thus, the growing popularity of 'green' Train with low power consumption – they are no different fast access (speed 5400 rpm), but a little heated and virtually no noise. This is the best solution for especially quiet or compact PCs and consumer electronics (video recorders, etc.). At the other end of the spectrum – 7200 rpm with a powerful drive unit of magnetic heads and read-ahead algorithms, 'sharpened' by placing the database and operating system files, and unique WD VelociRaptor 10,000 rpm with virtually the server performance. Drives corporate class (Enterprise Storage) are designed for high clock load, they are resistant to overheating and have high uptime.