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We also subscribe via RSS to a search. Tweefind: Similar to the Twitter search, but that also allows you to add a Widget to your blog with the search than your you want, by way of news. Twazzup: For my the most complete of these search engines. It updates live, and besides do the same as above, it shows the Tweets featured on that topic, the links shared, the twitters that more talking about that topic, etc. Looking for people who you should follow on Twitter: WhoShouldIFollow: simply adding our user name on Twitter, will do a search of our fans, and people who follow, to draw up a list of people that we should follow. It will give us a series of data from those Twitters, as the number of tweets that makes per day, its location, or type of twitter who is.

This makes it telling us that it is similar to other twitters who follow. Twannabe: Similar but asks username and password for Twitter. I don’t like add my passwords out there as well that I leave you try. Twitterholic:, More importantly you get are the top users. Very interesting if you give morbo follow Britney Spears or Lance Armstrong.

It will also give us the statistics of the user that you want to check, its evolution through time, etc. Mr.Tweet: We also have to insert our data from Twitter. Seems pretty reliable, this utility you will be able to know: relevant users that we should follow (according to our interests), people who follow us and we are not following, and more options. Each month send us an email with the updating of these data. This is only a small part of everything we know about Twitter. I shall shortly explain many more features, both internal and external.