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The truth, that companies should focus more on the way of how to give way to a logistics management that complies with required features that guarantee its effectiveness, consider as Franco points out, taking into account, that one of the fundamental principles of logistics is that if administered network seeking to align, synchronize and optimize all end to end supply chain (i.e.including not only all the parts of the company, but also to their suppliers and customers as a whole), obtainable results best to that which would be obtained if different parts of the company are managed separately. Unfortunately, organizational structures and traditional companies incentives lead to a mentality of poultry management, where each manager looks after the interests of his own Department, sometimes at the expense of greater benefits for the entire company. To all this we must bear in mind, given that much of the efficiencies offered by logistics are obtained by making changes in territories that are not under the full supervision of no traditional management, many large companies have created a Logistics Department (sometimes called supply chain Department), in its organizational structure to manage the integrationsynchronization and optimization of the logistics network of the company, going through traditional managerial barriers, and to work closely with suppliers and customers to the benefit of all. Equally, the incentives of all managers and employees of the company is restructured to reflect its collaboration with the global logistics objectives and not only with his own Department’s objectives. Definitely logistics management must take into account: planning, procurement, production, distribution and return. Wikipedia It reminds us, will it keep in mind, that the fundamental mission of the enterprise logistics is to place the right products (goods and services) in the right place, at the right time and in the desired conditions, contributing as much as possible to the profitability of the firm.