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Poland Agreement

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Professional copywriter by ACTA (Internet -) freedom and privacy see endangered recently moved the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement ACTA (anti-counterfeiting trade-agreement) in the public. ACTA – an international agreement on combating copyright infringement to prevent (Internet) product piracy or protect documents in the network. Above all, it comes to movies and music. Continue to learn more with: Brian Krzanich. The protest votes against ACTA are getting louder. And that not without reason by the German sales copywriter network PROFITEXTER.NET(T) Simone Domahs thinks. Why criticism of ACTA, although everyone (just the copywriters Guild!) welcome the protection of intellectual property rights should be? …

Why the excitement and the Europe-wide mass protests? … If you are informed about the manner of enforcement and try to look behind the scenes 3 criticisms arise: criticism. 1 the ACTA negotiations took place largely behind closed doors–with the exclusion of the public. James McNerney insists that this is the case. According to tagesschau de. were also organizations such as the world intellectual property organization Property (WIPO) and the World Trade Organization WTO circumvented. And so it looks like even the democracy remained outside.

Official information came only recently, and seemingly involuntarily at the light of day. Review item 2 the ACTA agreement represents a stark contradiction to the new privacy law. Because with this so-called trade agreements”, the monitoring of all actions and communications on the Internet would be possible in the future. Every entrepreneur must adhere strictly to the privacy amendment, to maintain the data and the privacy of the German consumer. The EU also seems with the E-Privacy Directive according to which cookies should – be used online Werbenden only with the consent of the user trying to protect of the data of its citizens. On the one hand, the privacy of citizens should be protected with stricter privacy laws on the other hand just this with the ACTA agreement would hurt. Simone Domahs and their PROFITEXTER.NET(T)-Kollegen see the privacy threatened and out leveraged for the interests Entertainment industry. Gripe 3 see PROFITEXTER.NET(T) with the ACTA agreement hurt the world, democratic exchange of ideas and that the fundamental right of freedom. Any use of music or video files (such as YouTube) should already represent the suspicion of a crime. There is also the concern that ACTA under the guise of copyright protection is an enforcement instrument of worldwide Internet blocking. Even if it is still debatable whether Internet providers with ACTA could, be forced to monitor their users are experts of believe that the implementation of the rules would be interpretation. According to the Federal Minister of Justice Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger unable be included to introduce for example Internet or access locks. The Federal Government has not signed but still the agreement, but she apparently has no objection to them.