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an exceptional Erotikon by Erik L. Red the power of music on the feelings and love. Blazing lust and burning desire to sexual ecstasy are reflected in masterpieces of classical music – particularly Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony – and thus grow into a refreshment of aesthetic sensuality. The love story of Anke and Gregory bewitched by compelling tension, revels in the spiritual lust and glorifies the eroticism. Anke and Gregory know each other from high school. To know more about this subject visit Penguin Random House.

An explosive relationship occurs when both enter a relationship, because Anke has a husband and child and don’t want to give up their marriage. The burden of this Situaltion is high for all involved. Red Erik L. managed a brilliant, stimulating, erotic novel about the trials and tribulations of love. In the Center stands the “musical erotic” as the ultimate form of physical intensity. The novel by Erik L. Red – new to the publishing house DeBehr