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Honoris Causa

Posted by Sylia on

Keeping some requirements preset for certame of the credenciador agency, in this case the MEC. To the measure that the theological courses if had become obligator requirements, for the attainment of certain ecclesiastical positions and half for certain secular benefits in the evanglicas Christian churches, and theological education in these institutions did not evolve, before regrediu the rudimentary platforms becoming as some religious pursuings, chance of easy profit.> , Great Businesses . We import and we incorporate the sacerdotal and saint, profane and the corruptvel one. Transforming what he would be synonymous of growth in the favour and knowledge, in bargain currency. It came the recognition, however the promise of so waited knowledge disappeared. In this scene, suddenly, we were apanhados in our supposed intelligence and engodados by the biggest cause of males of our time, the anxiety for new sensations and experiences; It is not enough to be theological, it has that to be doctor, it is not enough the favour has that to have something more, a differential, that such a intergalaxial minister! A new name to dispute themselves, to differentiate themselves. What it will be that stimulates and stimulates these males! It would be the poverty of being simple as the cautious dove and as the serpent? I do not know! THE TWO SIDES OF THE CURRENCY You are on the other hand are stimulated aberrations as recognized courses basic and average in theology for the Mec in the anxiety for the quality and supposed legality it has a great amount of plagiarisms and little or no quality and theological identity. It has people that brazenly buys headings Honoris Causa and not even they know its meaning, and worse, the said institution of education is connivent showing that its plan of education is pure and simply getting fat of its banking account, favoring and stimulating this practical pernicious unprincipled person.

Very similar some institutions that offer headings of ‘ ‘ Federal judge; ‘ ‘ ‘ Judge of Peace Eclesistico’ ‘ , as being autarchies, ladainhas and mazelas of the sort stimulate others where the informed evil titleholder, at least knows legal the system national. Beyond spending significant values of its monthly soldier’s pays to support the lie, they act as being exmios differentials, menosprezando until that in fact and right they are for the state. Lie that if valley and fortifies of the easinesses in if set appointments public spaces, where the presence of politicians> planto opportunists confer them certain credibility capable to deceive much unprepared people and ignorant you move of them legal. Perhaps or better, they listened to something the respect, but they had not heard what the respect was said. It would be some type of deafness spiritual, or an excuse to allege ignorance? I do not know! Therefore I only know that nothing I know.