Social Media Marketing

When one loses his customers in the eyes of fans and followers many of the social-media-marketing projects mounted in the last few years have companies more harmed than used. They have cut ties to regular customers and led to the company of not enough new customers. The UW social-media-marketing-experts by I.O. ITSolutions in an article for the twago magazine come to this sobering conclusion. ‘Something not right here’, is the Managing Director of a medium-sized metal business from the Bergischen country by the head. It seems but the social-media-marketing project initiated by him now to be a success. The Marketing Director for the umpteenth time 1,000 followers and still dead pants pride presented the charts with the bar ever higher.

The growing number of Web site visitors, increasing pageviews, the ever growing group of Facebook fans and the follower on Twitter. “All potential new customers for us!” raves the Marketing Director. But, what for Business leaders, owners and lenders is one, is not available on these films. It is in the financial statements at the bottom and under the thin line. There but not analog increasing to the beam of the head of marketing, and no corresponding rates of increase in show up during the sales.

Social media marketing without a strategy “many companies transferred the social media marketing an employee who is well acquainted with the social media by private use. Is forgetting often, strategically align the activities”, Gunther Wolf of the UW Internet consulting I.O. ITSolutions explains in his post in the twago magazine. A social media marketing strategy belong first and foremost to be clear about its own position. Wolf, “Some get started simply” annoys “without to consider what audiences want to approach them and what USPS want to lift it out.” Although high quantities, but not the right quality for users, visitors, fans and followers were the result. Social media marketing can’t do that with the wrong fans has fatal consequences, both the customers and the desired new customers. Revenue and income. Wolf: “If the master or target customer on the Facebook fan page or at GooglePlus sees what other fans it has, he turns away. He chooses probably the page of a competitor’s, where he meets only professionals and peer to peer.” So are the large social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus in each case first choice. Through consumer networks, experts and industry portals, as well as regional platforms, organizations achieve their audiences often immediate, focused, and also cheaper than on global mass platforms. Social media marketing doesn’t add up the wrong channels the Bergische entrepreneur I.O. ITSolutions yet from the case helped. “Set strategies means not only to decide what customer groups we want to in the future to attract and bind us. Strategy is also to determine which channels we will no longer use want to.” With a sharpened such profile and a corresponding social-media presence, wins the metal companies today not only the right customers, but has also strengthened the relations with customers. The post “Social media marketing” from the twago magazine is available on the website of the UW of Internet experts for free download. Further information:-the post “Social media marketing” from the twago magazine download: publications / – the UW Internet consulting I.O. ITSolutions: I.O. ITSolutions a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting Angel RT 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202.69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet: