Fernando Alexis Jimnez simplicity identified its beginnings, like the one of many. A young person who just arrives at the church, demonstrates interest by the things of God and in its constant dialogues with its leaders it express desires to serve in the work. It never said not when one was to do something by the proclamation of the gospel. It even lost the account of Saturdays and Sundays that invested distributing pamphlets with the message of Good the New ones. Contact information is here: Sarah Raskin. – Encounter in Hugo Arming a believer to who we must promote to the leadership said in certain occasion the shepherd with the deacons.

It was assigned to the Dominical School, soon like president of youth and later like in charge of the service of hujieres. To this height, the minister to position returned to suggest: – I believe that the hour arrived to send it to study to the Biblical Seminary. They financed its race during five years. In that lapse it did not lose simplicity. It demonstrated good will in all whatever was entrusted to him.

It was first in arriving at the temple and the last one in retiring. The problem began when, concluded its theological formation, was ordered shepherd and indicated a definitive change in its form to behave. One became tyrant, it thought that all had to honour it as soon as it arrived at soothes of the church, it did not lose opportunity to make merit his title, got to think that it was more spiritual than others and it criticized to the hierarchic superiors in the denomination What takes to which it initiated a progressive but sustained growth, to lose of view the simplicity and humility that must identify a servant of Jesus Christ? Without a doubt to come off itself the hand of the Teacher. He is the owner of the work, our superior, that one that we represented.