Sheet Music For Children

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In his career at the original musical training of children, the author notes three conventional, but, nevertheless, clearly defined three stages of such training. Introducing children to music as a subject obucheniyUglublennoe and concrete study of the theory and practice muzykiEtap becoming the child's consciousness with an increase in the proportion of independent practice. All stages are equally important and necessary for training, except residence of the child in the so-called "musical" family, when these stages are certainly present, but the boundaries between them somewhat "fuzzy", that is a child in the direction of music education is brought up with literally "Diapers" and from early childhood, sometimes subconsciously, interprets the process of his musical training as a matter of course in "vdalblivanii" he foundations of the theory and practice of music, there is no need for all comes to him as if by itself. But these cases are rare, musical training given to these children are usually "farmed out" to parents and the scope of this article. No one doubts that the introduction of children to music at all should occur at an early age, the sooner the better. In an ordinary family that is expressed in the joint music listening parents and children. Child on their own, sometimes unconsciously, begins to reproduce the words and music, singing along, that should be encouraged in every way, a child with increased self-esteem, certain skills are fixed scale reproduction of the height and duration of individual sounds increases the desire for further improvement. .