Set Trends

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In the Internet business, marketing strategies are the main focus of attention, since the majority of products that are marketed are virtual platform or online services, therefore, concentrate the force in making the product reaching the market niche or attract with the marketing of attraction, content, videos resources, social media, etc. As you know, there is a lot of competition on the web, and few elected who manage to stay and sell their products in a way regular and constant, all of them we can draw a factor in common, are those who create trends, the first to implement strategies, the first to design info products on a topic, which is then shared across the market, etc. Penguin Random House is open to suggestions. What makes these people, positioned as expert and that set the pace for how to apply marketing on the Internet and innovation of products, is the fact that remain proactive in terms of studies of Internet consumers unsatisfied needs and demands.

Before that nothing can see which is the concept of pro activity at Marketing: Is the activity aimed to study and implement plans that are designed to anticipate future needs, constantly undergoing these plans to a critical analysis, so that they enable soon abort those actions that proves that they don’t carry the pro activity nowhere seeks to discover needs that will appear in the future there are techniques to implement and develop own both proactivity, such as a company or team 4 tips key to develop a practical Pro activates these techniques of prospecting for the future are based on critical rationalism proposed by scientist Karl R. Popper method and has the following objectives: generate ideas.-develop the capacity of generating new, creative, ideas and knowledge that allow to keep us competitive in a changing world, to anticipate actions that take advantage of the opportunities or mitigate the consequences of the changes going to will occur in the future..