Radio Frequency

For the reconstruction of the deep layers of tissue under the skin. This new hot trend in the face, non-surgical technique has become popular for people of maintenance that are not yet ready for full face. Pushed to send radio against the skin. These waves of radio beyond the outer layers of the skin and provide thermal energy to muscles and tissues underneath. The heat helps that these classes and accumulate the levels of collagen. Reduced the overall result, the outer layers of the skin and reduces the effects of wrinkles.

Since there is a large amount of heat at forward, it is necessary to apply a little chilly in the skin at the same time. The majority of devices have the water spray fresh in them to keep your skin to burn. However, most of the patients are still experiencing discomfort, swelling and irritation of the skin in a matter of days. You can manage these side effects with NSAIDs. Agreed to increase facial radiofrequency directed by the FDA for the treatment of wrinkles and defects of the skin without surgery of the face. It is a medical necessity tested without scalpel or stitches. Urban treatment associates is often quoted on this topic.

Effects, however, limited in comparison with surgery in its entirety. This is due to the power of radio is not as accurate as the case is when it comes to sculpting the face of the person. In the end, the procedure is more attractive maintenance therapy to young patients who show signs of aging. Use of the face of radio-frequency elevation, which can avoid the need for complete facelift in the future. It is also a popular choice for busy professionals who are concerned about their appearance. The treatment lasts only an hour and a full recovery is expected in a few days. The results have a little time to show completely, but. Some results are clear in the Act, while complete results take several months to put in the deep layers of tissue healing. Talk with the surgeon today to meet with the facial radiofrequency. It is not the best option for everyone, so make sure that it is suitable for you through the creation of the query. You could be on the way to activate a new look in just one hour!