Psychological Tests

This because nor all that had been enlisted will be inside of the requested profile. – Evaluation of the Candidates: a great number of technique of election available to the management professionals exists people. The most used they can be grouped in: tests, dynamic of groups and interviews. SECTION 3 (ELECTION TECHNIQUES) For the choice, but adequate, selecting it will have to know some of the main techniques of election. The tests, the dynamic of group will be detached in these and interviews: – Tests: use of tests in selective process, during many years, was a seriousness signal a cientificidade guarantee. As it mentions ANASTASI (1977) can define a test as a tool unified established with enbasamento in methodology statistics, that tends to mensurar one or more characteristic of total personality, for interference of models of income or performance. – Psychological Tests: in accordance with ANASTASI (1977), the same ones have as objective to analyze the general intellectual capacity, personality and the specific aptitudes of the competitors. In the tests the general intellectual development is evaluated, known as intelligence tests, that happen in hypothesis diverse activities that consider all the important intellectual functions, the objective of the same is to produce in an only result that is intellectual quotient QI.

– Tests of Knowledge: they are classified as objective when they use questioning of direct reply. The same it requests the evaluated professional capacity of reading, critical interpretation and. – Situacionais Tests: constituted of elaborated activities that the candidates display front to a characteristic occurrence of its daily routine, with the objective to evaluate its ability of perception, judgment and resolution of a real difficulty. – Dynamic of Groups: the use of group dynamics as election tool consists of suggesting for a group of professional candidates activities as existential games, simulation, study of case, dramatizaes among others. – Interview: being one of the techniques more used to base the decisions referring the act of contract of an employee.