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The products no longer are sold in the television reason why they are, the announcements do not sell products, sell feelings, security, diversion, time. Cars, cleaning, feeding and operators of moving bodies are the announcements most common in the television and these use different tactics to arrive at the consumer. Announcement of cars you will be able to say benefits that it has, but last fashion in announcements of cars that is to say, little that consumes and ecological that is and according to for public that goes directed can to differentiate in three types from announcements, car familiar in that in addition premium security to family, showing us boy seated in part back, car for young people, in that they are enjoying the trip four together friendly and the car of city that show their easy manageability to us, the one that you can be moved from a place to another one is the one of less With respect to the nutritional product announcements there are two types of announcements, those that teach flavorful that is and those to us that shows the healthful thing lately to us that is, they are gaining these last ones, and these can be of two types, those that when you eat them to you to not harm the health you and those that when the takings act as a medicine species and even can arrive at crate, obvious also are flavorful. Also they are those that sell time to you, is so fast to prepare those that a person will not waste long time in cooking them. The cleaning announcements apparently do not evolve much and they are continued selling like the unique products that can clean still more clean and still more white with the minimum possible amount. And like the feeding products also there are products that sell time, mainly those of cleaning of the house. at source of information. The operators of moving bodies no longer sell only using that with them you can use the telephone to call anywhere of dumb now the truly important one are to be able to be connected to the world and in which with them surely you will be able to be amused there where you are, videos, music, television, Internet everything is possible with a moving body and they you they offer..