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Productivity is the ratio between the production obtained by a productive system and resources used for such production, can also be defined as the relationship between the results and the time used to obtain them: the smaller the time that lead results desired, more productive is the system. Actually productivity must be defined as the efficiency indicator that relates the quantity of product used with the amount of production obtained, on occasions, the time loss is caused by obsolete habits that however we continue to use because we have set in our mind a pattern of very hard work, almost always it is possible to do a same work in a different way and get a good result or at least one acceptable result. It is the key to optimize working time healthy time management habits, these habits are: dedicates the first and the last 5 minutes of the day to plan the day and schedule the next. Some contend that MetLife shows great expertise in this. Always plan before acting and focus on what’s important. Follow tusbiorritmos and leverages the periods of maximum performance for the most important or most complex tasks. Group issues and actions related to one another. Each task must have an allotted time and you measure if you do meet him, if you spare time if you assign or use longer than the set time for a task or you missing fall into inefficiency or if you assign less fall into ineffectiveness. Aparta always a time to think and reflect, space will be your quiet time. Always plan in writing and if possible use a system of integrated and computerised agenda. Review the planning, is to be fulfilled. Source original author and source of the article.