Precision Cost

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The price per unit of output depends strongly on the run. Also has a value format printing machine. It is very important to choose the right type of paperboard for packaging drugs. Most often it is dictated by cost. Desire save on the type of cardboard used is not always justified, especially for drugs. If the packaging for food products 'lives' in a short time buyer, the packaging for medicines should be more durable. This requires the use of higher quality wood pulp cardboard, not junk. It should be noted that despite the difference in the prices of paper, you should always consider both options.

Density cellulosic board is lower than waste paper by the same thickness, and the price is set on board for a unit of weight. The difference is the cost of these types of carton per unit area (or the amount of cardboard cut) is usually not large. The cost of the stamp is estimated by the length of the punching and creasing knives. Price of one meter of knives ranging from 17 to 30 dollars, so the cost of the stamp is proportional to the format of the printed sheet: the larger is box-cutting on a printed sheet, the higher the cost of the stamp. However, one stamp is long enough, and one-time costs are distributed on several runs, so the cost of one pack of this correction is usually small and decreases with repeated runs. Another aspect of the cutting and creasing – it's the quality of the manufacturing operation. Precision manufacturing of the stamp and the right choice kontrbigovalnyh matrices will lead to accurate cutting cardboard cut after printing and gluing the right boxes. Features gluing cardboard boxes for drugs determined besides their small size.

Contemporary folder-gluer have the technological limitations: for example, the minimum size of a small cardboard box edge is 10-15 mm. This should be considered at the stage of the design process the carton. In the production of packaging for drugs, be aware that packaging is usually done automatically, and in this case, the scoring box-cut must be of good quality, and pre-profaltsovany before gluing. Today time in the state of many pharmaceutical companies including members of the supply package. These professionals must navigate the peculiarities of the production of cardboard packaging for medicines to professionally, quickly and cost-effective to place an order and get a good package on time. Source: Journal 'Remedium'.