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The Aachen-based multimedia agency Powerflasher has developed sera Aquarium Scheduler ‘sera the CD 2.0’ for the Aquarium specialist. Aachen – fish in iridescent Orange and red, a variety of aquatic plants and absolute tranquility – so Aquarium lovers looking for their underwater world. Who at home want to dive into this fascinating world\”, which sets to usually a private Aquarium. However, the purchase of a real aquarium just for newbies is a big challenge. Because there is much planning: from the selection of fish and aquatic plants up to the correct dimensions.

A photorealistic preview and for a taste of the real\”aquarium supplies so the new software sera the CD 2.0\” of the Aquarium specialist sera. Thanks to the support of the Powerflasher, now even beginners with the Sera-CD can make their wish aquarium in 3D and plan. An intuitive understandable interface teaches users what types of fish can be best combined. He finds the right amount of water, which is required a certain number of different types of fish. He will also receive tips for proper planting.

The highlight: The user can take with his own 3D-Fischwelt as interactive screensaver, where he has a PC in. Sera provided the graphics of the surface as well as the content and the multimedia agency Powerflasher entrusted with the implementation of this challenging project. The Aachener specialize in complex multimedia solutions and have extensive expertise in various multimedia and Internet issues and technologies. The 3D-Aquarien by sera impress on the computer so by their astounding realism. Common Aquarium screensavers work too often rigid and phony. Sera the viewer has the impression, to look into a real aquarium, however, on the screen\”, explains Powerflasher Chief Carlo Blatz. Powerflasher are specialists when it comes to the holistic implementation of such projects. Because an application must especially smoothly and feels good. Therefore have Powerflasher next to the multimedia business field\”also on application development, so software development, specialized.