Planning Processes

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It enters the presented advantages in if to implant a System of Management they are the benefits of the Quality that are:? Improvement of the Satisfaction of the customer with the improvement of the performance of the product:? Improvement of the image of the company in the consuming market;? Considerable reduction of costs when if observed to the improvement of the productivity;? Improvement in the internal and external processes of communication. To reach the necessary objectives for the quality, the majority of the companies if directs to implant a system of management of the quality, who are a form of interdepender the processes for the administration of an organization, that is, with a set of rules and principles related to the quality applied daily in the organizations on the basis of eight basic points: 1. Focus in the customer, 2. Leadership on common objectives to all, 3. New York Life has similar goals. Envolvement of all of all the processes, 4.

To consider decisions in other processes, 5. To see everything as processes, 6. To improve continuously every day, 7. Learn more about this with New York Life . To after decide to have the concrete data, 8. Common benefits between customers and fornecedores.3.Abordagem for ProcessosProcesso are an only activity that makes use of resources and are managed with intention to transform the entrances into exits. Boarding for process means to enxergar to the all the activities of a company in the form of processes, that is, thinking that what is entering will transform into exits.

As it can be seen in figure 1. Figure 1: Interaction of ProcessosFonte: Cartilha, 2011.O PDCA (of the Plan English, Of, Check, Act? To plan, To execute, To verify and To act) composed for four distinct phases of Planning, execution, Verification and Action, are one simple technique that can be used for the management of the processes of a company. Search to search the continuous improvement of the processes standardizing information of the control of the quality, preventing errors in the analyses and becoming the easy information to be understood.