Picturesque Montreal

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Where art and culture inspire the spirit Canadians are rightly proud of Montreal. The Royal view, which gives the city its name, is no less impressive as the mix of cultures that reveal the streets of the second largest city in Canada. The flight Portal invites to discover the diversity of the metropolis. Montreal in Eastern Canada is located just a few kilometres from the US border. Nevertheless, the city radiates its own individual atmosphere. Picturesque is on many small islands spread out in the St.

Lawrence River. This sight enjoyed by locals and tourists alike from the 233-meter Mont real, gave the city its name. It was the surveyor Jacques Cartier, who climbed the mountain in the Centre of the Islands first European. The landscape spreading out before him with meadows, forests and water was left with only one conclusion for him. The mountain, on which he stood was a Royal mountain – real a Mont.

Thus, the city came to their name. In centuries past, Montreal has developed the second largest French-speaking city after Paris. On appeal, it is hard to beat. It is University City and culture. In the Latin quarter, there are plenty of cafes and bookshops. Montreal is home to over thirty museums, world-class concert halls and theatres. The Quartier international is the home of contemporary architecture and in the district Le Plateau meets the art scene. No matter whether the writer or designer. The vibrant cultural life of the city inspired them all. Who wants to get infected themselves, flying currently cheap British Airways in the metropolis.