The most basic question, which concerned all, without exception, people who are going to open my own business – it does not burn, it does not run off the rails and not to remain in the result and with no money and no business. And these fears one of the few who have a real reason for existence. After all, in fact, creating and maintaining your business in our school and college do not teach. There is prepared only good wage workers. Most often, among our Friends of successful entrepreneurs, too, there is no (these people prefer to communicate in a circle such as entrepreneurs).

And even if such people are among friends, it is unlikely that they will be able you something to help but to cheer you up and inspire the creation of the business. Therefore, in most cases, those who read these lines, we have to rely only on its own strength, knowledge and experience. Well, if the forces are still far not passed, then the necessary information and experience, things are much worse. Therefore not surprising that most new entrepreneurs go bankrupt in the first months of their activities as a result of returning to employment and then to the rest of my life remain convinced that the creation of svogo case – this stupid and pointless idea, and assure themselves and all others that are much calmer work for a salary. Therefore, specifically to such bankrupt, and disillusioned with the establishment of the business people as little as possible, and I am writing this article.