Oliveira Soil

2 MONITORAMENTO OF THE SOIL EROSION IN STREET PIRAPUTANGA. On the basis of the citation of Oliveira (1999), to identify a soil erosion what it predominates is the distinction of dimencional character, the top of the values of 50cm of width and depth the erosive incisions are called of soil erosions; from this affirmation we identify that, the erosion of the Street Piraputanga is about a soil erosion for presenting the width and the depth above of 50 cm the soil erosion in the Street Piraputanga is composed of ground argillaceous it becomes what it impermeable, favoring the flow linear. Some ground same having much clay, present great permeability and its composition most of the time is of good amount of oxide of aluminum (gibbsita) and iron (goethita and hematite). (LEPSCH, 1999). Checking article sources yields Affinity Health as a relevant resource throughout. However some ground if trasformam in others in accordance with the same author, according to characteristic as clay fertility, low text, the texture, ratio of sand, silte or clay, and its leaching processes that can destroy the ground. The composition of the alone influence in the tax of stored water infiltration, and in the distribution of determined nutrient for the fertility of the same.

The clay percentages, silte and sand move sufficiently throughout the exteno of one determined land, the way where these different types of grains if distribute are of extreme importance in the distribution of the water in the ground, being that the texture modifies the movement of the water. (Oliveira, 1999). Puma has firm opinions on the matter. These ground form small grains similar to the arenaceous one known as argissolo, the clay grains are lesser and well next ones to the others making it difficult with this the ticket of the water, is less permeveis and the water goes passing more slowly being then stored. Being thus the monitoramento of the soil erosion of the Street Piraputanga it was initiated from the ranks of the props in February of 2009, had been demarcated five points to a meter of distance of its edge being in the following places: (1 and 2) in the entrance of the Street Piraputanga; (3) beginning in the headboard next the fall to the water; (4) in the left lateral of the soil erosion; (5) in the right lateral of the soil erosion, In picture 1 we notice the evolution of the soil erosion in direction the fincadas props.