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That we do with an Autoresponder (creates a list of potential clients) Hola como estan soy Luis Flores and this time I’m going to talk hacerca of what you can do with an autoresponder to have a list of potential clients, this can apply it to your business over the internet since it is advisable to have a service autoresponder to retain prospects and have potential customers for your business on the internet. Good first in short words which is an autoresponder, and this is the means by which we can communicate with subscribers through email tracking, automated and systematized letters you are going to program so that it reaches your subscribers, all this coupled with one page capture which is where people added their name and their email in exchange for relevant information that you’ll be giving away in your capture page. Good and we can do with an Autoresponder. You create campaigns (lists):

You can create campaigns relating to your niche business this is so that you can create a campaign concerning 7 tips for homemade recipes, 5 steps to educate a dog, 3 Tips for care of babies, etc. your you can create campaigns relating to your business niche and together you can create emails from tracking for each campaign. You create emails for follow-up (Automatizados): You can create emails from tracking for each campaign that you can create emails programmed and systematized in automatic and this is so: once created the campaign you can create follow-up emails and these are a series of emails that you send to your subscribers via the autoresponder and your follow-up emails can make 5,10,15 so reaching them your subscribers for example: your perform a campaign concerning the care of babies then you do a series series of post Office of follow-up to that campaign and where you can program it to that on the first day that is supporting the person from that day arrive you follow up emails and you can program it to get them the first day, the third day the 5th day after the subscription etc., and this is done automatically and the most wonderful of this is that the autoresponder works 24 hrs..