Nutrition Counseling

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Nutrition at an early stage to stay long time healthy and productive in our body constantly biochemical processes are running, they are necessary for the health and growth detect error. Each individual nutrient fulfills important functions in the organism. The correct composition of all nutrients form the perfect basis for a healthy diet. For more specific information, check out Nike. Despite the huge supply of food, we resort to finished products, Fast Food, sugar and high-fat foods. This makes it difficult and part prevents the absorption of vitamins or minerals.

Most do not know what they really eat and eat themselves sick in our food abundance. A nutritional analysis with can be the first step to a health-conscious diet. For this, the food intake in a simple tally sheet is entered for a few days. An accurate evaluation of all data analyzed whether the diet in terms of energy content, the supply of all the major nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the ideal range. Nutrient surplus (for example, FAT) and nutrient deficiencies (for example, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals) are thus exactly determined. The presentation of the analysis illustrates the current supply situation. Deficiencies in the nutrient supply are explained in detail. Highlighted this is additionally by a graphical representation. To optimize the nutritional analysis, proposals, strategies and nutrition recommendations provided in terms of nutrition and drinking behavior.