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In addition, there is this year for the first time the PP rates also with a gold commemorative coinage on the same topic. The Edition is located at only 300 copies worldwide. This new premium PP set is of course already considered top rarity, which can offer only a few dealers. Whether in polished plate with additional silver or gold lettering or as KMS in uncirculated, one thing is certain: the buyer of the strictly limited edition coin sets from the smallest country in the world may enjoy best value increase prospects. Best example of this is the first Euro-KMS of the Vatican in 2002.

Uncirculated offered the record at that time for almost 500 euro; Today, it is already traded at triple value. A similar picture offers collectors and investors, the the Vatican set at that time in the highest quality of the impression PP purchased. “Who is now still being German for the acquisition of 5 years anniversary-KMS Pope Benedict XVI” interested in official price, might have luck. Also stay by the postponement of the issue in the may, 2010 Order books of the dealer open longer. After the exertion, the Vatican KMS then usually just have the secondary market to experience rapidly rising prices are having. Specifications: uncirculated: all course coins of Vatican, vintage 2010, 94,000 copies, in an official presentation folder; “Polished plate (PP): all course coins of Vatican, vintage 2010 plus silver commemorative embossing 400th death anniversary of Caravaggio”, Edition 15,000 copies in an exclusive leather case (300 specimens also with gold commemorative coinage).