Natural Resources

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The threat of exhaustion of the natural resources not-you renewed increases the necessity of reaproveitamento of the materials you recycle that they are separate in the selective garbage collection. This process of recycling has a very important paper for the population, since by means of it, can be prevented a negative impact to the environment, through the raw material recovery that in another way would be taken off of the nature or that the beings could come to bring great consequncias for all. This project has as purpose to analyze and to consider alternatives to brighten up the impacts that the Net of Supermarkets Walnut comes causing to the environment of Rondon of Par. The performance of the company of general form is being seen as example not only for other companies, but also for the employees, since the same ones had started to acquire conscience of the importance of the recycling. 1 INTRODUCTION the Ambient question entered in scene from years 60, after to have occurred two great Wars, and with this many companies had started to incorporate ambient concern in its business-oriented strategies.

According to Donaire (1995, pg.11) ' ' one of the components important of this overturn in the ways to think and to act was the growth of the ecological conscience, in the society, the government and the proper companies, who had started to incorporate this orientation in its estratgias' '. Ahead of the facts the companies had started, then, to witness the sprouting of other papers that would have and must be for played them. These changes if had based, mainly, in the fact of if to verify that the economic and same growth Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) was not and never jousts will be measured to analyze the social performance. Therefore, although the success of the capitalist system, as consequncia of the efficient use of science and the technology, when its economic results are collated with other social results, such as the reduction of the poverty, degradation of urban areas, control of the pollution, reduction of the iniquities social, etc., perceives that it has still very to be made (CAIDEN and CARAVANTES, 1988).