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In addition to the marketing, so also the sales benefits from the improved availability of data. The EAO website encourages the international clientele to digital enquiries. In a question-answer forum Club C Revenge was the first to reply. Best perspective thanks to faster product research an important success criterion for buying online is the rapid availability of the desired information about a product. In addition to the search function of the EAO website has an intelligent product finder”, using its potential customers can filter out the the desired product through parameters such as voltage, switching, design, connection etc. from the overall offer. The desired product is found, the online buyers about the PDF-on-the-fly functionality can download a comprehensive product overview.

Since the PDF in real time directly from the PIM-system generates, the client receives up-to-date product information. Minimization of incorrect orders another critical factor for completing an online order is the safety, indeed to have found the correct product. Through the intelligent product finder”e-pro, the customer has the possibility of using dedicated parameters viewing all products usable for him to leave. Some of the products are not preconfigured. The components required for the complete product must still be collected by the customer. Decision helps prevent here that avoids faulty orders.

In addition, the system indicates whether the product according the functionality is complete. Such an approach have greatly reduces the risk of a Fehlkaufs and save us many expenses resulting from erroneous orders”, so Mr Roos. Support automated publications product information management the benefits of a PIM system, which successfully used the EAO for the online marketing, will for all print out the lines gradually asserted. An extensive automation of catalog creation could be allowed on the basis of the revised catalog layout and the use of the mediandoPIM. So far, product information distributed on the chapter were as far as possible on the products used, to facilitate the decision-making process of the customer. We achieved the goal to keep the project costs as low as possible and to reduce the later care and creation of data or catalogs, by the successful launch of mediandoPIM. The potential for reduced costs and error rates will pay off for EAO”, according to project manager of Martin Roos.