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MOTIVATION OF EMPLOYEES: FACTORS MOTIVACIONAIS IN a COMPANY OF CIVIL CONSTRUCTION EVERSON MUCKENBERGER, professor of the UNASP-EC, everson.muckenberger@ JOANA OF ALMEIDA BONANNO, graduanda in Administration for the UNASP-EC, SUMMARY: The main objective of the present article is to identify the motivacionais aspects perceived by the employees in an operating company in the civil construction that is located in the city of Holambra/SP. For in such a way if it searched also to raise the necessities of the collaborators in the company and to verify if the attractive ones offered they satisfy such necessities. From these constataes it was possible to find motivacionais chances and stimulatons that can be used to motivate the collaborators. All the study takes as base the theoretical beddings of the hierarchy of the necessities and its effect on the motivation. The used metodolgicos procedures had been the bibliographical research and interviews with the collaborators. The results had pointed that the collaborators believe that the necessities perceived and the benefits that are offered they intervene directly with the internal relationships and the capacity of each one in offering a service with more quality. ABSTRACT: The main objective of this paper is you identify the motivational aspects perceived by employees at company in the building which is located in the municipality of Holambra/SP. We will be that also sought you assess the needs of employees in the company and verify that the attractions offered meet such needs.

From these findings it was possible you find opportunities and motivational stimuli that can be used you motivate employees. Theoretical All the study builds on the foundations of the hierarchy of needs and to their effects on motivation. Methodological The procedures used were literature search and interviews with employees. The results showed that employees believe that the perceived needs and benefits that ploughs offered directly intervenes in the internal relationships and the ability of each you offer the service with lives quality.