Modern House

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The Reischlhof presents its guests a successful composition between the experience winter sports and wellness. It is a panorama picture book, when the snow turns the countryside Walia, in an impressive case and heralding a very special time for winter sports fans. For years, stands the Wegscheider country winter sports fans up in the course and inspires people all along the line. All those who love cross-country skiing and the action, but are looking for relaxation and recreation, are in the hotel Reischlhof to the correct address. This family-run hotel boasts an atmospheric ambience and a hospitality that is throughout the year a trade mark of a special kind. While the team by the Reischlhof manages an impressive balancing act.

While guests can work out on the day in the open air, they may indulge in the evening hours from home. Numerous highlights await the relaxation and leisure in the Reischlhof and create a composition for body and mind. The Reischlhof has a Modern House in the Wegscheider country already a name can make and the guests all along the line. The guests of the hotel from a successful collection of recreational facilities may choose, which presents itself in the truest sense of the word with a stunning face. In addition to the stimulating hot oil massages, guests can enjoy the evening as well as swimming and saunas and indulge in the soothing power of heat.

The warm soft pack treatments provide for times where you aware can fall. But even those who find the new energy, are in the Reischlhof to the correct address and choose a promising application full of variety and feel comfortable with the offer of the Prana-stone massage. This winter the guests on several new offers can look forward, with tact and finesse of the team were selected and promise an experience for all senses. Here are the large and small culinary masterpieces in the evening hours with security a The guests on a mix of regional and international dishes can look forward highlight of the special article In the Reischlhof, which provide security at each for the appropriate feast. Winter holiday in the Reischlhof – that is experience and enjoy, that is power and recovery and it is a Symphony for the senses. Here guests can look forward wholeheartedly to be home on an indescribably beautiful hospitality and feel.