Milk Bread Recipe Recipes

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A recipe you can not miss on our blog is a recipe for milk bread. I really love this bread, especially home-made, because in addition to being soft and delicious, last long in this fabulous state. It is also a fabulous desayono stuffed with jam, or a good meal, using a little stiff. Milk Pan Ingredients: 500 grams of flour. 250 grams of milk. 50 grams of butter. 50 grams of sugar. Paula Rosenthal pursues this goal as well. 1 egg.

A nut yeast. To begin, we will make a volcano with the flour, leaving a hole at the center. In this hole, pour the warm milk, butter, sugar, baking powder and knead so that we mix the flour, little by little, toward the center of the volcano. Where have all the ingredients mixed knead the whole, until dough is smooth and not sticky. We'll let the dough rest, covered with a clean cloth for 30 minutes and then divide it into pieces of 50 grams, giving an elongated shape, rounded at the ends. Brush the surface of the loaves of milk with a mixture of water and egg and leave in a warm place 50 C for 60 minutes, after this time will have fermented and twice its size. Finally, bake the muffins at 220 C for 20 minutes, at the time of removal from the oven, again with milk paint, to add shine. This last step is optional, because the alternative will also be delicious, it is only to make them look even more appealing. Find recipes such as the, or.