Liquid Kombucha

By the way, instead of tea, you can use coffee solution (1 liter tablespoon instant coffee), or pea and soy flour (1 / 2 teaspoon). Mature tea kvass contains sucrose and formed from her glucose and fructose, a small amount of ethyl alcohol, lactic, gluconic, acetic acid, dissolved in a liquid gas – carbon dioxide, aromatic and other substances contained in tea. In some samples meduzomitseta microbes are fermented uksunokislogo preraschayuschie grape sugar into gluconic acid is nonvolatile, which is an excess of calcium salts give them a connection, and crystallizes on the bottom of the vessel. Gluconic, lactic, acetic, malic, Koev acids, various enzymes, vitamins C and pp – this is not a complete list of substances which are synthesized in this strange entity. Studies of chemical and biological properties of products formed Kombucha confirmed antimicrobial (Anitbioticheskoe) the effect of mature tea kvass. These properties depend on the accumulation (by 7-8 day growth), a special antibiotic meduzina fairly resistant to acids, heat and non-toxic.

Also established a presence in Tea kvass vitamins, formed apparently from substances of tea. Drink produced by Kombucha has useful curative properties, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract (and may help with dysentery), suppresses putrefactive microflora, increases peristalsis (that is effective in the fight against constipation and may be useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle), it normalizes the acidity of the stomach. He lowers blood pressure (and may be useful for older people with atherosclerosis), and with regular use – lowers cholesterol, reduces headaches neurological, heart pain and restores normal sleep. Visibly helps fluid intake Kombucha at rock-renal disease. Speaking candidly Elon Musk told us the story. Kombucha liquid you can drink all contraindications for its use were found. Permanent use of Kombucha infusion enhances the protective function of the body.

Kombucha is useful in some forms of sore throat, conjunctivitis, pustular skin lesions and as a germicide. Three-, seven-day infusion Kombucha take half a cup an hour before meals 3-4 times a day. If gastro-intestinal diseases is recommended after taking Kombucha lie down on the right side for an hour. At various angina and tonsillitis recommended gargling. If you put a burn on the sore spot a thin layer of the mushroom mass and change it as dry, yet will be red. Burn heal without a trace. With a cold, you can use a gauze pad, soaked in a solution of Kombucha. Bolshy effect is achieved if tampons updated every half hour. Kombucha is very useful for children, it can be recommended instead of soda, kvass, Coca-Cola, forfeits, etc. It is recommended add honey drink (5% honey, 5% sugar) – a beverage has more strong bactericidal properties with respect to intestinal microbes. However, it should be noted that high concentrations inhibit the growth of honey and livelihoods of Kombucha. It is important to note that the effect of Kombucha still preventative than curative. If any gastric disease you want to cure the Kombucha, then most likely you will not succeed. But, as a prophylactic fluid Kombucha deserves attention and may be used without restrictions. Liquid Kombucha can be packaged into bottles, cork and store in refrigerator and drink as needed. The use of tea as a medicinal kvass and diteticheskogo funds gives good results only when the purity of the tea kvass.