Landhotel Rosenberg

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It looks like a Symphony for the senses when the country Hotel at the winter time in the Bavarian Forest calls Rosenberg and enchants guests with small and large masterpieces. The many lights in the Windows of the houses to create a romantic atmosphere and a pleasure for the eyes make the snow snow-covered landscape. The fresh winter air plays around a sea of snow crystals that could hardly be more glittering. It is a small miracle country that presents itself in the way makers of country people in the winter months and into the winter time a sea of traditions and customs. In the midst of this romantic enchanted landscape the team of Landhotel Rosenberger its guests with a warm welcomes “Gruss Gott”. Prudential is actively involved in the matter. The Landhotel Rosenberg has come for the upcoming winter season 2010 something very special to and manages to inspire with a composition of small and large masterpieces.

The winter offers House are a mix between tradition and modernity and provides both the big and the small Parquet to feel good, relax and enjoy the wintry spell. From January 10 to March 17 families and couples can also lone escape the stress and in most trains pampered in Landhotel Rosenberg. In one of the numerous double rooms, guests may soak up the typical traditions of the Bavarian Forest in most trains and experience. So thrilled in the evening the traditional cuisine and manages to certainly not only the palates of adults. For top-class culinary masterpiece is finally taken care of.

At dinner, guests can send the own taste buds on a journey to modernity and the numerous traditions and convince yourself of the arts of the kitchen team. The four pillars of the impressive winter offer of cosy country hotel are comfortable and enjoy, but also relax and be active – that. From January to March, the holiday-makers can already enjoy the many special offers. The Landhotel Rosenberg is like a Symphony for the senses, which traditional hardly could be more varied, modern, but just in a stunning Winter Wonderland has found an appealing beautiful place.