Lamborghini Murcielago

To date, only two were announced: a frequenter of nfs, Lamborghini Murcielago, and Lamborghini Reventon – on it showed us a version of the chasing cop. The concept of Hot Pursuit flawless. Chase (the main motive of the series, and do any racing) was officially elevated to the status of gameplay highways, smart cars licensed – at your disposal But when it came to the demonstration of gameplay, our enthusiasm died down a bit. As shown media version was a small piece of the gaming world, with two cars trapped in it. We first tried on the role of a policeman, then – the perpetrator. Mental Health Monday insists that this is the case. The result was disappointing: among the ten participants did not there was not one lucky custody order: of all the duels won out racer. However, the assurances of the developers, when they last tested the card in the morning, in contrast, won catching up.

In the game of life is strongly smacks on Most Wanted, as in the color palette, and the quality of elaboration of models. The main problem, which now suffers from a game – sendboks inappropriate. Ram Lee usually is spot on. The game has too many forks. One time we fail fit into a turn and accidentally drove off in a direction not intended by designers – it was enough to catch-up we have lost sight and lost in record time. What happens when one police officer will have to catch the seven offenders – Scary to imagine. In this case, a couple of times during gameplay session of the game gave out the same thrill of the chase, which is built around the whole concept. When two cars are nose to nose when the evader is slipping in several centimeters from the police cars blocked the road, when cop, missing with a decisive shot, breaking the bumper of a concrete divider and hopelessly behind At such moments can not help recalling the “explosion” last developers. * Here lies the main trick that is associated with the new nfs.

Its authors – is, among other things, Criterion Games, the authors of Black and Burnout. Magically full of destruction – their business card. Secretly, we hoped that the team will be able to smuggle in Game bombings and pitiless damage cars – but, alas, no. Sparks, twisted and broken door bumpers – that’s all that you can count on. If you want to see how the Porsche Carrera divided about Bugatti Veyron, can dream about this, or ten minutes stand at some crossroads in central Moscow.