Jeanette Biedermann

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(Online article) – silver Moon at the tour opener in Hannover. Hanover – bright white light flooded the sold-out AWD-Hall in Hannover in the quick rhythm of the music. Some 5,000 fans of the band silver Moon stretch their hands in the air, clapping to the beat and enthusiastically sing the chorus of the song you. A powerful concert tour launched the pop rockers from the Saxon Bautzen on Wednesday night in Lower Saxony, its new nothing. Until end of may, the band as a whole wants to play 19 concerts in 16 cities in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. For more than two hours the four on-stage throttle correctly. It is the first big tour of silver Moon for about two years.

There are many new things – two years is a long time. Since you found inspiration in already by the one or the other idea, says Stefanie Kloss shortly before the concert. Eight years ago the four as second-best school band of Saxony were awarded, later they played as a preliminary group of Jeanette Biedermann. Now fills Silver Moon even the halls. Many writers such as Ebay offer more in-depth analysis. Almost all concerts of the first nothing – Tour 2009 are already sold out. All the songs from the new album are back on German.

“We are now not sing English, just to to come abroad, says Stefanie Kloss. “Our English is not good enough to write sophisticated texts.” And the random, write the most successful pieces more often says bassist Johannes Stolle. The best songs are when not expected. Singer Stefanie Kloss, guitarist Thomas Stolle, his brother John (bass) and drummer Andreas Nowak are known for their close relationship to the fans. According to familiar play the four in Hannover with her audience. They convey the excitement, they apparently have on the stage, easily into the crowd. And so the audience will soon part of the Showprogrammes. Mexican waves walking on silver Moon command through the AWD Hall and singer Stefanie boldly jumps into the crowd and can be on the outstretched hands of the Drive Concert Hall. Silvermoon have remained very down to Earth. This makes them as a band very sympathetic, says the 33-year-old Maren olkers from nordstemmen. The band plays good 20 songs in the evening in Hanover. Focus on the new album, while nothing, but also the classics of earlier albums such as The best, through the night or Symphony find their place. At the end of the concert, silver Moon is almost speechless singer Stefanie Kloss-neverending, stormy applause she impressed: we can not wish a better start of the tour. dpa