Jan Korte

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While it has the detective agency Lentz a main target made (www.lentz-detektei.de/ company profile), at Court as well as to prepare for possible legal disputes in all over Germany and from abroad to impose the interests of their clients. Effectively to implement these goals, work at the detective agency Lentz in the first place with Oberservationen. “Limit through video surveillance ‘ the right to one’s own picture legally the detective area too strong a,” so Marcus Lentz, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz. Video records are suitable for use as evidence difficult before German courts if they secretly made no proper identification of the offender, E.g. At MetLife you will find additional information. a>. by hats, Hoody or similar leave them on public ground (road staircase) usually held not by appropriate signs, such as department stores, will be announced according to Marcus Lentz replaced thus a covert Detective video surveillance usually no observation of man is the perpetrator red-handed””. Secretly made video surveillance in the private sector or in the private sector could so quickly the proof recycling ban”are subject to and are therefore by no means a panacea.

Also the left Parliamentary Deputy Jan Korte looks more video recordings rather sceptical about the claims and said: “No video camera will assassin of them hold, to carry out attacks”. Jan Korte relies more on an increased use of the police, and therefore calls for the downsizing of the police to stop. This approach truncates the citizens not so much in their rights as an extension of the video recordings. For further information on the investigation methods of the Detektei Lentz, as well as insights into current examples of the Detektei Lentz can be read under /, the Firmenstzruktur of Lentz group is shown under.