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It is a fact now that Facebook has become a virtual superhighway of information, more than 500 million people gathered in one place in common, this demonstrated the power of communication from person to person (also called viral marketing). Now imagine that you can use the ability of Facebook to disseminate your company’s information when this dictating a Conference live! GVOConference and his new Facebook plugin tool, you can make massively grow your conference attendance in only a few minutes, this plugin is a button in the video conference room for your or any of your guests pressed down they can send a message to their Facebook friends and connecting.

Conference through the posted link. In this way greatly helps to overcome one of the most difficult points that every inside or outside the internet entrepreneur has to overcome is to publicize and to publicize their products and/or services, and given that this work is permanent, constant and daily during the life of a company, what better that lean in technology and communication person to person. Another advantage that people come to your room of video conferencing through a friend invitation is generated by older bonds of trust and openness when it comes to know about your products and services because your new guest comes with tranquility and familiarity to come from someone you know. There is no other software that allows you to save money, time and grow your business this so quickly as GVOConference does.

Powerful tool of communication + low cost + Viral Marketing = the successful business Facebook plugin is purchased as a package in addition to the basic room and is paid on an annual basis, also remember the features offered by this excellent video tool Conference: – Video and audio for moderators or participants – presentations in PowerPoint – Blackboard – playback of videos – Chat – capacity initial 50 people – share files – other no doubt is a tool that is worth trying because there are many your benefits and updated with new changes technology that bring major advantages when it comes to serving our clients, internet business and physical business, GVOConference has a free 7 day trial with which you can verify the quality of their products.