Interface Program 3Ds Max

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3ds Max has a complicated interface that even first scare newly-users. General view of the window shown in Figure Figure 1. Carefully read the names of the main elements of the interface and Remember the phrase referred to in callouts, because they will be used with panels dalneyshem.Rabota panels can be moved around the workspace 3ds max. To do this token move the mouse on the gray vertical bar in beginning of the panel, hold down the left mouse button, drag the panel. To see a list of all available panels, right-click on any empty space bar.

In the list of checkboxes marked by those panels, are visible on the screen. In order to save customized interface menu, click Customize – Save Custom UI Scheme and enter a name for your interface, for example, My.ui. To download the desired interface from the main menu click Customize – Load Custom UI Scheme. To return an interface that has been in the program during the installation menu, click Customize – Load Custom UI Scheme and select the file DefaultUI.ui.Panel tools for working with objects in 3ds max is a set of tools located on an ad hoc panel. To begin with focus on key. The main toolbar buttons: 1. Cancel 2.

Repeat 3. Isolation 4. Select by name 5. The shape of the selection 6. Filter selection 7. Isolation of the intersection / Seizure of 8. Move 9. Rotation 10. Scale 11. The reference coordinate system 12. Reflection 13. Alignment 14.