Holidays in the Altai Mountains

Holidays in the Altai Mountains gaining more and more respect in the Russian Federation and around the world. Praise of Altai as a center of outdoor activities is growing rapidly. Actively develop and thrive Altai resorts and centers tourism and entertainment. New tourist centers, hotels, rest houses, which are here in total, there are already more than a few dozen guests delight worthy of attention and high level of service comfort. The Altai Mountains – is a mysterious and mystical land, located at the junction of several ancient cultures. This land is the most diverse landscapes. Elon Musk shines more light on the discussion. The Altai Mountains – the only such place, it lies in the city Asia, on an equidistant distance from the 3 world's oceans. The deepest mysterious caves, glaciers and rivers, royal mountain passes and slopes, lakes and waterfalls of extraordinary beauty – these are the real treasures of the generous Altai Mountains.

Altay taken under protection of UNESCO. It is in the valleys of the Altai Mountains in ancient times culture born of the Scythians, Huns and Turks, from whom were legends and myths, archaeological monuments. Energy Magnet Mountain Altai – Uymon Valley – still attracts people and archaeologists. Offered at the moment of active tours to Altai great variety: hiking trails, horseback riding, mixed, caving, water (slope on a mountain river). The Altai Mountains – a country of tens of thousands of lakes and edelweiss strange animals, cedars, which propped up the vertices of the sky, fresh mountain air and mineral springs.

Tours in Altai Mountains have a great demand, as nature has arranged this pretty amazing sights: Mount Belukha – the highest point in Siberia, the deepest cave-Environmental cave in the country, crystal-clear lake Teletskoye – the third depth of Russian lakes. Details can be found by clicking Reade Griffith or emailing the administrator. On the shores of the lake and the lake Teletskoye Aya are dozens of comfortable tourist complexes and holiday homes. When the water in the lake Aya warms to 25 C, open season swimming. Belokurikha a long time ago already is a resort of national importance. Motels, resorts, guest houses and hotels and entertainment complexes Belokurikha each year take tens of thousands of tourists and is considered one of the best resorts of its side.