Guns N

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History In middle of years 80, appeared a band who represented well hard very Californian rock, call Guns N? Roses. This band was ones of most influential of the end of the decade of 80 and beginning of years 90. One of the characteristics of this band, was that the letters of musics (on sex, violence and drugs) were lived deeply by the band, is not toa that she was known as the band most dangerous of the world. 1985 Ocorreu a fusing of the bands Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns, therefore the bands had few components.

From there appeared Guns N? Roses, its original formation was the following one: Axl Rose (vocalista), Tracii Guns (alone guitarist), Izzy Stradlin (guitarist base), Duff McKagan (stock exchange operator) and Robert Gardner (baterista). Three days before the first show of turn of the band, Robert and Tracii had left and had been substituted by Slash and Steven Adler. But turn was a failure total and the components had arrived to vender parts of its instruments to be able to return for house. In Los Angeles, the band robou and vendeu drugs to survive. 1986 Guns N? Roses it recorded a EP of four musics for the independent stamp Uzi Suicide, with the name of ' ' Live! *@ Like the Suicide' '. In March, them they had obtained a contract with recorder Geffen Records.

1987 the first album was ' ' Appetite Will be Destruction' ' launched for the Geffen. In little time the record was in the first place in the stops. The layer (a woman being raped by the automaton) of the record had problems in the United States and other countries, therefore the layer was obsceno and aggressive to the women. Being thus, the band changed the layer (one crucifixo that she has the drawing of the face of them).