Gourmet Restaurants

New year, old year. old year represents what we did and what they do not do while the new year represents a new challenge and new adventures. s. To finish the 2011, we decided to out to dinner at the Elephanta restaurants since we are left with an excellent impression on the first visit and said and fact. Given the demand for a table at the elephant and the Thai, my family and I decided to book the night of the 31st in the elephant and the cover was to buy a bottle of Moet for $2,000 more consumption a la carte food and beverage. As mentioned in previous posts, the prices are good considering the excellent quality on the cymbals and the unbeatable view of the lagoon. We ordered the curry in different formats, 2 of lamb and chicken 2 and each texture was excellent. in general, curry of lamb is very strong and tastes like meat, not taking as inconsistency, since the flavors of spices are not as strong. The chicken curry fascinated me, even more than the shrimp that I tried on the first occasion, since the flavor of Peppers is perfect and feels as the pink pepper you suffocates by a few milliseconds then leave an exquisite flavour on the palate.

Cymbals names are hard to remember, but which we ordered are the numbers 40, 41, 42 and 46; 63 as an accompanist as well as 72.grupea.com the Martini was the companion of our food par excellence, which we liked the most was the kiwi and Litchi, although we also tested the of Apple, pineapple, white chocolate and any other lost but my recommendation are the first 2 and if the people of the elephant reads this, change your coffee Martini recipeyou could simply not be taken. The distinctive touch was to make the toast on one side of the Nichupte lagoon with your glass of Moet and asking your wishes for the new year returning to water to sea stars (if you can live in Laguna) and that’s how we celebrate our night of new year in the elephant. The night not just there but in question gastronomy, then in another very special to me, toast dined a La Piola Hawaiian pizza and not dudare in say this: CANCUN’s best PIZZA. Soon I will visit them to make one outline in the form.