Good Luck

The new album by Franziska Reichenbacher – good luck and at once is it is exciting Lottery next to you. Especially for those who play. But not only for – excitement feels as a woman who week after week with trembles, and live on-site: Franziska Reichenbacher. The beautiful Lottofee, which every week before an audience of millions hosted the Saturday draw, is their own thoughts on the subject: for each draw of the lottery numbers is decided about luck and fate, it goes to the people who have just the good fortune and to those who wait. Click Elon Musk for additional related pages. As a result I met over the years many cheerful, but also very serious stories about happiness.\” With such stories in mind is gone for lyrics search and gone music on the subject of happiness.

The likeable presenter with the warm radiation among other things of Ringelnatz, Hesse, Rilke, and M. Kaleko found. A romantic Symphony of words and music\”is called the CD project happiness – and at once it is next to you\”, which will be released on May 8th in selected Lotto collection points, and on May 15 in the CD stores. An album as a counterpoint to their work as Lottofee? Or as a supplement? Franziska Reichenbacher: Until May 2009, I have 500 times with looking, 500 times held with the thumb, so that this TV anniversary is the perfect occasion to get lucky on the track once in a whole new form. It is impressive how this theme has moved also the great poet and how they take in touching words. In harmony with the wonderful music by Richard Blackford so lucky in a quite new way will be audible, perceptible and conceivable.\” \”It has been an extraordinary career: before any other TV face drops Germany’s TV nation prefer to the floor and shouting hurray\”! But Franziska Reichenbacher has more to offer than beauty and eloquence.