General Cadastro

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The formal market of Brazilian work registered in May liquid balance (difference between admissions and dismissals) of 131.557 ranks, optimum monthly performance of 2009. Also it was the room consecutive month of growth of the number of workers with signed wallet. For the first time since the aggravation of the crisis in the end of the passed year, the result of General Cadastro of Used and Unemployeds (Caged) were positive in all the sectors of the economy and in all the regions of the country. However, it was the worse May of last the ten years. In the same month of the passed year, the Caged had registered 202,9 a thousand new formal jobs.

It had increase of the job with wallet signed in all the regions of the country, with prominence for the Southeast, that registered resulted positive of 100.020 ranks. So Paulo led ranking of the acts of contract with 44.521. In the River, they had been 7.920.O level of the job went up in the regions metropolitans, who had answered for 34.202 liquid acts of contract. However, the biggest chances of work had been in the interior of these regions the remain of the country, where the agronegcio is stronger. Of January the May, the Caged accumulates 180 a thousand new formal ranks, number that still is far from almost restituting the 800 a thousand closed vacant in the Country between November of 2008 and January of this year.

well below of the 1.051 million of jobs created in the same period of the last year. In May, the generation of formal jobs came back to increase, but it continued inferior very to that it came being observed until September of the passed year, over all due to evolution of the industrial job. It was the fifth consecutive month of improvement of the formal job, after the disastrous result of December of the 2008 (when 655 a thousand ranks of work, result had been closed most negative already registered by the Caged, whose verification started in 1992).