FBI Special Agent

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This episode – one of the most enigmatic and bizarre of all, appearing in a TV program. The action of unfolding the story about the strange murder of schoolgirls – Laura Palmer, which investigates FBI Special Agent – Dale Cooper. And in Unlike most other detective stories, mysteries in this series with each series is not getting smaller. On the contrary, the sum of their growing and they are becoming more mystical … Further genre – fiction TV series. AND number one TV show has been and remains 'The X-Files'. Few viewers, who saw not a single series, not knowing who the Agent Scully and Agent Mulder. There will be no great exaggeration to say that program guide every self-respecting channel at least once even included this episode.

The X-Files has become one of the most popular TV series, winning the affection of millions of television viewers around the world. If the TV program of a channel includes it in its broadcast – we can confidently state that the specified period with screens placed a lot of the audience, ready with interest to see the next series favorite TV show. Good luck in the TV program explains the participation of popular actors, the age-old human interest to all the mysterious and just the fact that it is truly entertaining, exciting and a little frightening television series. Seldom has a TV program for a week does not contain at least one comedy series. Here is one of the most popular TV series 'Friends'.

He became one of the most notable in the television program of the 1990s and rightly won the audience's addiction. Because the show is indeed hilarious. It was 'hilarious', and not just funny. Almost every of the 238 featured in the television program series will provide you with good health and a few minutes of healthy laughter. The series tells the story of six best friends, now and then fall into the fun remaking and helped each other. In addition to the same genre can be related series 'Desperate Housewives', which appeared in the TV program relatively recently. The series tells the story of a few modern affluent women living measured life, but each has its problems. Protagonist all have in common is that they are housewives, but the fate of all different, though equally interesting. Good luck in the television program TV series provides an excellent cast and an interesting story ironic. The series is made to enjoy every modern woman, and how clearly, work, carried out by its creators, was not in vain. This, of course, not the entire list of 'hits TV. " Everyone can add his own, adding to his 'hit parade' favorite television program in the telenovela. They filmed weight and anyone can choose yourself something to taste, expanding the television program. And if the same program in television serials not found those who would like to see – there is another way out. Companies involved in video rental and selling series to de-vie de now quite pretty. You can contact any of them and get yourself any popular TV series, is not it even more convenient – you can review the series of arbitrarily and at any time, not only in the period, when promises TV program. You'll be able to make up for a program of telecasts.