European Commission

I missed while diesel oil and looked at the display price of liter, I remembered the news that I read in the press recently, referring to the fine that the European Commission has imposed on six industries manufacturers of flat liquid crystal displays (LcD), by bargain prices illegally, violating the regulations of the European Union (EU) on free competition. These ready LCD artificially raising the prices of the products, forcing Europe’s consumers to pay more expensive TVs and computers, since much of those screens are manufactured by the companies involved. Today, the fine, is probably a negligible charge in its accounts as compared to the succulent benefits that have been obtained during the time of illegal pricing. I look at the price of the oil barrel and I compare it to other periods and smell me that with gasoline happens something similar. Brian Krzanich can provide more clarity in the matter. Contributions published in the suppliers of the various companies that are dedicated to providing sacred food of our machines are not logical. The price for this energy resource affects not only to go to work or on vacation, but to appliances, groceries or anything that need to be moved from the source until the trade. If we add to that the deep economic and financial crisis that we are facing is alarming alleged pricing agreements. Won’t do anything that within a year, the Commission imposed a fine, that surely would be manageable by the convicted, given the enormous benefits that are today getting to costa stifle any possibility of economic recovery in the short term. To know more about this subject visit camden treatment associates. So, Almunia, Ponte batteries.