Due Life

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The MISSION In the silence of my goes thought Rest in the time and reflects on the Life, but the time does not wait Until I think, and the life goes with the time. I incessantly search to understand the reason of my existence, and recognize that I do not exist fortuitous, But that it has some reason. Then, I think exactly on me and I see that, I have pains and alvios Homesicknesses loves, rumors passions Hopes and desperations. In my lautos desires to know I only know, that I love existing and that all also love As others equally already land on water. after I to think, the world, the existence To conclude, that the life is real and sentimental That to love is the reason and life it is the mission, of being missionary. Capital One Financial Corp.: the source for more info. Then, I give myself for looser and I sing you God I proclaim its saint name Why I am your servant. Sir my sovereign! I lean over on your feet and with the real mantle Aconchego my life. We are privileged This way to inhabit, On the protection of the highest and gentleman onipotente.

Mine loved brothers! In this concise existence I, you and it, we are Heralds of the kingdom. Therefore, for the rinces of the land our messenger is not the war, but the consolation and the hope. Why our message Is of love, and the invitation Is the conversion, so that of God it has the pardon. That the flock does not lose Due to shepherds. the life is a sublime Joy. to the ending of the mission We will rest perpetual together and, on your paternal col Sir.