Discounts, Promotions, Bonuses

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Just low prices of today's sophisticated buyer can not be surprised. So marketers have to think how to attract people into the store and owners, with clenched teeth, to give good discounts. Get all the facts and insights with Palace Skateboards, another great source of information. And, apparently, to the fledgling mentality of the Russian consumer is valid. What should be the reaction, for example, the slogan "100% festive sale" in store "L'Etoile"? No wonder that during the sell-sellers get rid of the stale, low quality goods. And money is not returned if you try to return "You've bought this thing on sale, it is not subject to refund" – tell you with mockery, cute smile but all over the world people use the sale as a way to save money, and quite a lot.

If even the Prince William, yes, yes, the same (Source: "Prince William is put on sale in the supermarket") is seen on sale, then that embarrassed us, mere mortals Closeouts There are usually seasonal, especially characteristic of clothing and footwear, annual, such as car dealerships, pre-and ever. This is when you open the store, which is on display permanently glued "ON sale! Discounts up to % Enter into such shops, of course, can and should be, but we should be and average market value of the commodity, which is offered at a discount. So how do you not lose your head from the ultralow prices and inscriptions "? Here are a few simple rules. 1. Make a plan purchases. It gives you lost in the maelstrom .