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If we put social questions at the end of the engine, they will not be solved ever. For a very simple reason: to them will not reach your hands. Because they will all have an excuse – that technology is not enough, not enough money, then time, then the desire, then something else. This we observed for several millennia. Now, about the functionality. The idea is that such huge amounts of mostly going machines. First of all, any floating complex should be safe. As for builders, and for the people of this island.

As a result, this megaterminal is actually an island for processing huge quantities of goods, and home to an enormous number of residents (for tens of thousands people, and even hundreds of thousands). Ie – This city. It is possible that there will come a temporary residence permit (but will probably be those who will live there permanently). I guess that someone will come for 2-3 months (on shift work). Thus functionality is very closely echoes the metropolis. It resonates with the same green areas, with runners-speed transportation line, etc. Here we are talking about what is unique in the terminal.

First of all, there we can grow huge amounts of fish. And grown it can not necessarily at the terminal. It is free to be grown near the terminal, it can be grown freely between monosotami (roughly we're inside the terminal some monosoty fill with water). Or do like a donut on the pond depth of 100 – 150 meters.