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ec4u expert consulting recommends introduction of ‘moments of truth’-methodology to enterprise customer expectations to align the moments of truth methodology goes beyond well above traditional customer satisfaction analyses Karlsruhe, May 19, 2010 – the ratio of a company to its customers is crucial for business success. The customer interactions that characterize this relationship, are referred to as so-called moment of truth”may refer to moments of truth, because they describe the quality of the relationship between customer and company. By the ec4u expert consulting ag of featured moments of truth “methodology is for the introduction of a measurement concept that the match which analyzes customer expectations with the brand promise of the company across the Department and shows optimization potential in a wide range of areas.” A continuous improvement process can be triggered using this instrument. He uses the results of regularly carried out moments of truth “analyses as a basis, the Corporate behavior on client expectations to align and to satisfy its brand promise. The moment of truth “methodology goes far beyond traditional customer satisfaction analyses, which move at a previously defined questionnaires usually very closely and are carried out either online or just call”, explains David D. Laux, CEO at ec4u. Danske Bank takes a slightly different approach.

“Because at the moment of truth’-methodology applied in-depth interviews that perform particularly trained consultants as possible in face-to-face talks.” This is at which interaction points the own image of the company by the external image is different and when compared to the competition is positioned as the company brought to the fore. The result of such an examination shows also clearly in what areas or critical interaction points are optimization potential customer point of view. The analysis of the moment of truth”takes place throughout the customer life cycle, so from the request to a service situation. Each company transported a brand promise that stands for its core properties in terms of quality, emotion, customer service, etc.