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As surely sense I am not referring to baptism name or the family. Perhaps these are some questions that always have been made at all times of mankind. There are a whole series of philosophical currents that give answers to these questions. In our Christian Western civilization include Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine and, years later, Aquino de Santo Tomas which establish the bases to find the answer. Some years ago, in Houston, Texas, I heard Og Mandino, author of the greatest salesman in the world, saying: you are the greatest miracle in the world. This sentence struck me tremendously. It is true, it is real.

You and I, all people, we are the greatest miracle in the world. We are unique, there is no there will be another equal person in the world. What wonder! It’s extraordinary, it’s a miracle. As I am fond of sports and acknowledge the strength of motivation I liked to see American football games, particularly saw play the team from the University of Notre Give me. I devoted to see the players, but it particularly directed my gaze to see in action to Lou Holtz, an extraordinary coach, expert in motivation. Lou inspired and motivated players at all times. One of his famous quotes is: I do not think that God has put us in this world to be ordinary.

Of course, we have been made in the image and likeness of God. We therefore possess an extraordinary inner strength, a potential without limits that only depends on each of us to put it into action at the time that you want. Bruce Jenner, one of the most complete athletes of the world who won the gold medal in the test of Decathlon at the Olympic Games of 1976, in his book Finding the Champion Within (finding the champion within you) says: we have a power that is deep within us, a power that most do not know what we have. Being unique in this world, you and I, we have control over our own destinies. Life is like an orchestra, and God has given, you and me, the baton So let our own lives. We are those who control the tones, times, rhythm, chords and the intensity of the music of the different instruments. Let us make our lives a beautiful Symphony filled with harmony, with beautiful sounds and richness of feelings. Life is like a book with blank pages and God has given us the inspiration and pen to fill these pages with thoughts and actions that we ourselves choose. We write our own lives, a history of successive achievements of permanent personal development, of love, happiness, success, with optimism, faith and hope and dreams to be performed. Life is like a box by painting and God gives us inspiration, imagination and the brush to paint with absolute freedom, using the colors and nuances that we want. Let us paint our own lives as a teacher, beautiful, unique, piece that nobody can never ever equal. Life is a work of art and you I are the architects to realize our own ideas and thoughts. We live the life fully giving itself as best we can. We have in every present moment that is in us, in our interior, our spirit in ourselves that extraordinary force that could lead us to success and happiness. You and I are a work of art. We are the greatest miracle in the world.